Thiru’s Soups
Mullugtwanny Soup: A high protein lentil soup with pureed vegetables made with our low sodium recipe that is rich in fibre. 
Our Mullugtwanny Soup has won the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s “Most Heart Healthy Soup” award in 2004.
Thakkali Soup: Not your traditional tomato soup. With hints of spinach soup and imported spices, this creamy tomato soup tastes as flavourful as its aroma. It uses authentic and healthy ingredients and certified by the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s HealthCheck ™ program.
Sambar: A spiced up lentil stew with vegetables and flavourful spices. A traditional South-Indian delicacy! 

    Thiru’s Chutneys
    Nawabi Chutney: Our one-of-a-kind chutney is a mango-based sweet relish featuring a unique twist of herbal flavours.

    Manchoorian Dip: A flavourful garlic and cilantro dip is perfect as a dressing, marinade or cooking sauce.

    Mango Chutney: Slices of sweet mangoes with a hint of spice, served as a relish.

    Sultana Chutney: A sweet tamarind sauce made with pureed dates.

    Vindaloo Chutney: Savoury blend of spices which is excellent to be used as marinade for vegetables or meat.

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