Customer Testimonials

“I really enjoy dining in at the restaurant, but I’m really glad I can buy my favourite sauce because I can prepare with the same flavours at home!”
– Richard Bearinger

One of the most rewarding experiences is hearing from our customers about our food. We take great pride in our cooking and the customer’s satisfaction is the signature of our strength. Here is a small sample of what our customers have to say about our products and service:

“Coming from England, I have always enjoyed spicy Indian food and Thiru’s is the most satisfying. Most places are too spicy, which reduces the flavour, but this one seems to have a good balance of both — just what I was craving.”
– John Myles

“I always buy my parents a jar of the heart healthy Mullugtwanny Soup when they come to visit. They absolutely love it! “
– Leigh Brauns

“The Thakkali Soup is unlike any other tomato soup I’ve had before! I highly recommend it to anyone!”
– Elizabeth L. Simmons

“We enjoy the taste of your soup very much and makes us feel good because it’s so healthy and approved by The Heart and Stroke Association.”
– Floris Kristoff

“With the Manchoorian Dip, I get the best of both worlds; Indian and Chinese!”
– Jefferson Hewitt

“The best part of the Mullugtwanny Soup? It’s vegan! Not to forget delicious too.”
– Chase McIntosh

“Thiru’s Nawabi Chutney is the perfect side for any toast or appetizer. It has such interesting flavours, surprises me everytime!”
– Maheen Raman

Please give us your feedback on what you think about our food. We are always looking for ways we can improve and better serve your needs.

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