At Thiru’s Gourmet, we believe in celebrating the flavours naturally available foods - spices, herbs & vegetables!
As our busy world, we do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy cooking & dining with family & friends.
All our preparations are made with your health in mind, accommodating various diets:
All natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free.

Real Food
Natural ingredients, no preservatives or colouring.
Bold flavours
From aromatic sund-dried herbs, to earthy Southern stone-ground coastal peppers, enjoy the flavours that
Locally yours
Based in Waterloo, Ontario, we source quality produce locally, while working with local importers to procure regional ingredients (e.g. turmeric), and stay true to our cooking methods (no short-cuts).


The chef behind our products is Thiru, a locally well-known chef with 30 years of extensive cooking expertise earned in a wide variety of roles in kitchens around the world, including India, Switzerland, Bahrain, Dubai, the USA, and Canada.

Thiru’s passion for the unique flavours and spices of India, paired with his mixed and extensive background as a chef, have enabled him to come up with creative dishes while maintaining authentic Indian flavours and aromas. The positive reputation and popularity of his restaurant, Classic Indian, has spread within the Waterloo community since it opened in 2000.

Thiru’s was founded in 2010 due to increasing demand for some of the products from Classic Indian to be packaged and made available for purchase outside the restaurant. Chef Thiru hand-picks the best ingredients from local sources to create soups and chutneys that have been extraordinarily well-received by both customers and retailers because of their healthy, high-quality ingredients and authentic flavours.

All of our products are ready to eat, easy to prepare, and available in conveniently sealed bottles. They are all also HealthCheck™ certified by the Heart & Stroke Foundation, which means they’re not only delicious and authentic, but also very nutritious as well.